Publications & Media

Thanks to our 2,300 participants, we have been busy analysing the data from the first survey (April-July 2020) and rapidly sharing the information through various outlets. Click to read more, or get in touch if you want to share your experience! This list is constantly being updated.

November 2020 [Singapore] Virtual Scientific Meeting 2020: Behavioural Health in Extraordinary, Unprecedented Times (Singapore, Nov 2020)

Mr Alessandro Carollo (@carolloale97), PhD Candidate, University of Trento
Mr Andrea Bizzego, PhD Candidate, University of Trento
Mr Giulio Gabrieli, PhD Candidate, University of Trento
Dr Keri Wong, Assitant Professor, University College London
Prof Adrian Raine, Richard Perry University Professor, Departments of Criminology, Psychiatry, and Psychology, University of Pennsylvania
Prof Gianluca Esposito, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology and Cognitive Science, University of Trento (Italy) & Nanyang Technogical University (Singapore)

Research paper submission on using Machine Learning to predict lockdown (April-July 2020) effects on mental health during COVID-19.

17-19 July 2020 [London] The 9th European Education Conference 2020 – Panel Presentation

Dr Jake Anders, University College London, Institute of Education, United Kingdom
Dr Jo Van Herwegen, University College London, United Kingdom
Dr Andrea Samson, University of Fribourg & Swiss Distance University Institute
(Unidistance), Switzerland
Dr Keri Wong, University College London, Institute of Education, United Kingdom

COVID-19 is not just a global health crisis, it also has numerous social and psychological repercussions. This panel discussion will focus on the impact of COVID-19 on children and young people across the world, in terms of their education and wellbeing. What have been the main difficulties for children and young people across the globe? Are there any differences between nations or regions in the world? What is the impact of COVID-19 on the education and wellbeing of children and young people across the world and are certain groups, such as those with special educational needs and from low-income backgrounds, at greater risk?
6 June 2020 [London] UCL IOE Blog

By Keri Wong

UCL IOE blog post reporting findings from the Global COVID study on individual’s perceptions of social distancing measures, face mask usage in the community, and common sources of stress.
May 2020 [Opinion, UK] The Focus, an online news platform raising money for the NHS.

Catherine Godbold (@CatherineGbold)

Opinion piece ‘Will babies be affected by life under lockdown?’ incluces a brief interview with Keri Wong on the impacts of covid on young families and parents.
October 2020 [London] British Psychological Society (BPS) Developmental Section Article

Ms Jana Brinkert (@JanaBrinkert), PhD student at the Centre for Autism and Research in Education, UCL IOE
Ms Theodora Kokosi (@dora_kokosi), PhD student at CUBIC Lab, UCL IOE
Mr Vassilis Sideropolulos (@VassilisSide), Research Tech at the Department of Psychology and Human Development, UCL IOE

BPS article reports on doctoral student’s experience of the pandemic fairing worse than other groupsand the common challenges for this group. These include Adjustments to academic work to suit the new circumstances, Personal impact on isolation and working from home, and Feelings around financial struggle and uncertainty about the future.

CALLS FOR: Better support for doctoral students’ mental wellbeing during the pandemic and after.
17 July 2020 [London] University College London IOE Podcast – Research in the Real World.

Dr Keri Wong

Dr Humera Iqbal interviews Keri Wong on her research on childhood mistrust/mental health, the importance of the Global COVID study and how this impacts educators and students during this these unprecedented times.
May 2020 [London] Centre for Educational Neuroscience, UCL

Dr Jessica Massonnie

Jessica interviews Keri on how the Global COVID Study started, why it is important, and what we can learn about the impacts of COVID on people’s mental health by collecting data now.